Having Trouble with the Job Fair Platform?

Scroll to find the platform to trouble shoot steps for iOS, Windows, computers, iPads, laptops and smart devices.

PC or Laptop (Windows)

  • Microphone and Camera connected and working
  • Using Chrome browser (Firefox or Microsoft Edge)
  • Clear browser Cache (clear browser History)
  • Chrome will ask permission to use your camera and microphone. Please accept both.
  • Check Chrome Settings Permission for Chrome browser to use your camera. Insert these shortcuts into your browser window.

                               Camera settings:       chrome://settings/content/camera?search=camera
                               Microphone:               chrome://settings/content/microphone?search=microphone

MacBook or iMac

  • Minimum iOS 11 (Update)
  • Chrome Browser ONLY (do not use Safari)
  • Alternative: Firefox browser
  • Microphone and Camera connected and working.
  • Clear browser cache
  • Allow career fair to use camera and microphone.
  • Check "Privacy & Security" and be sure microphone and camera are allowed for Chrome Browser (see below).

Unable to Connect on Mac (Special Instructions)

  • Ensure Chrome browser webcam/mic permissions for https://abilityconnect.online are active
  • Check Mac Preferences >> Privacy & Security
    • Check "Privacy"
    • Confirm Google Chrome is selected for Camera and Microphone

Mac Security and Privacy Select Mic and Webcam for Chrome

Smart Phone, Tablet, iPhone and iPad Users

iPhone or iPad

  • Use Chrome browser
  • Current iOS (Update)

Smart Phone or Tablet

  • Use Chrome Browser
  • Clear Browser Cache (open windows)
  • Reconnect and allow camera use in Chrome if asked.