Having Trouble with the Job Fair Platform?

Scroll to find the platform to trouble shoot steps for iOS, Windows, computers, iPads, laptops and smart devices.

PC or Laptop (Windows)

  • Microphone and Camera connected and working
  • Using Chrome browser (Firefox or Microsoft Edge)
  • Clear browser Cache (clear browser History)
  • Chrome will ask permission to use your camera and microphone. Please accept both.
  • Check Chrome Settings Permission for Chrome browser to use your camera. Insert these shortcuts into your browser window.

                               Camera settings:       chrome://settings/content/camera?search=camera
                               Microphone:               chrome://settings/content/microphone?search=microphone

MacBook or iMac

  • Minimum iOS 11 (Update)
  • Chrome Browser ONLY (do not use Safari)
  • Alternative: Firefox browser
  • Microphone and Camera connected and working.
  • Clear browser cache
  • Allow career fair to use camera and microphone.
  • Check "Privacy & Security" and be sure microphone and camera are allowed for Chrome Browser (see below).

Unable to Connect on Mac (Special Instructions)

  • Ensure Chrome browser webcam/mic permissions for https://abilityconnect.online are active
  • Check Mac Preferences >> Privacy & Security
    • Check "Privacy"
    • Confirm Google Chrome is selected for Camera and Microphone

Mac Security and Privacy Select Mic and Webcam for Chrome

Smart Phone, Tablet, iPhone and iPad Users

iPhone or iPad

Smart Phone or Tablet

  • Use Chrome Browser
  • Clear Browser Cache (open windows)
  • Reconnect and allow camera use in Chrome if asked.