Can't Access the Career Fair?

Scroll to find the platform to trouble shoot steps for iOS, Windows, computers, iPads, laptops and smart devices.

PC or Laptop (Windows)

  • Microphone and Camera connected and working
  • Using Chrome browser
  • Clear browser Cache (clear History)
  • Chrome will ask permission to use your camera and microphone. Please accept both.
  • Check Chrome Settings Permission for Chrome browser to use your camera. Insert these shortcuts into your browser window.

                               Camera settings:       chrome://settings/content/camera?search=camera
                               Microphone:               chrome://settings/content/microphone?search=microphone

If the above doesn't work, try using a Chrome Incognito Window. Click for short video.

MacBook or iMac

  • Minimum iOS 11 (Update)
  • Chrome Browser ONLY (do not use Safari)
  • Microphone and Camera connected and working.
  • Clear browser cache
  • Allow career fair to use camera and microphone.
  • Chrome Browser, check the camera in the right side of browser address box.

Blocking Camera Access

Error in chrom browser not allowing career fair
Chrome browser is blocking career fair.

Click Always Allow Camera Access

Click to allow use of camera for career fair.
Click to allow Career fair use of camera.

If the above doesn't work, try using a Chrome Incognito Window. Click for short video.

Smart Phone, Tablet, iPhone and iPad Users

Use the top menu button to access features such as SMS, captioning and redial. 

Tablet, smart phone, iPhone and iPad users can access the keypad using the icon at the top of the screen.

iPhone or iPad

  • Use Safari Browser (preferred) if Chrome is not working
  • iOS 11 (Update)

**Please note tablet and iphone users will need to use the keypad in the top menu.

Smart Phone or Tablet

  • Use Chrome Browser
  • Clear Browser Cache (open windows)
  • Reconnect and allow camera use in Chrome if asked.

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