Tips for Online Job Fair

While online career fairs are similar to traditional, in-person meetings, they have some major differences that require preparation. Attending an online video career fair for the first time can be scary, but don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

Pick your spot.

Scope out a good spot to attend your online meeting. Make sure it isn’t too light or dark, but try and stay away from overhead lights during the interview if you can. If possible, try to find natural light. A glare could make it difficult for the interviewer to see you—test until you find the right balance—keep an eye out that your background is appropriate.

Do a test-run.

You should feel comfortable using using video and practice with Job Seeker Demonstration.  This will ensure you are able to connect with the career fair and will make sure everything works properly. If you're having trouble connecting see Trouble Shooting.

Eliminate distractions.

Silence anything that could interfere with your conversation, including your phone and email notifications on your computer. Make sure no one else is around when you are completing your interview, including pets.

Sit up and dress professionally.

Even though you’re not meeting in person, make sure to dress for success and sit up straight. First impressions matter, and your appearance is crucial to making a good one. Choose a professional interview outfit and have it ready at all times. Business attire is essential for meetings with professional organizations. More casual environments may require less formal clothing, but the commitment to a neat appearance and personal grooming remains.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more confident you are in talking about yourself, the more positively you will appear to recruiters. Practice your main talking points with a family member or friend. While it may seem silly, it will help you become more prepared.

Have a Conversation

» Listen. Demonstrating the ability to listen during a career fair is just as important as answering questions. The best meetings include both give and take: they are a  dialogue as opposed to a series of questions and answers. The more engaged you are in the conversation, the more engaged a recruiter will be by you.

» Breathe. If you're nervous, remember to breathe and slow down.

» Ask. Asking questions is a great way to show you are interested. Make sure to have plenty of them. The meeting is also an opportunity for you to get to know a prospective employer as it is for a recruiter to get to know you.

» Smile. Whether you are talking to an actual person or recording your video message, smile the way you would while talking to a friend. 🙂

Be aware of your camera and microphone.

Since the recruiter will see you on screen, try to address or look at the web cam when speaking.  If you are using voice, try to eliminate background noise by using a headset or mobile phone ear buds.


Best part of an online career fair? You don’t have to worry about the garlic from lunch or finding a place to park.