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Before Requesting Support

Many common questions can be answered on the following resources. Please check these steps BEFORE contacting support.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions for Job Seekers.
  2. Job fair platform connection issues, click Trouble Shooting.
  3. To find out how the job fair works, please visit the Demonstration and Tips for Online Job Fair.
Job Seeker Support Form (#23)

Job Seeker Support Request

This support form provides assistance with job seeker accounts, the job fair website and the job fair platform. ABILITY Support will make every effort to answer your support issue in a timely manner.

Note: ABILITY Job Fair is not authorized to provide recruiter contact information to job seekers.

Please describe the issue you are having. This will save you time and help us give you a better response.

Examples: Cellular, Wifi, Public Wifi, LAN connecion, VPN, etc.
Examples: Mac, Desktop, iPhone, Samsung Tablet, etc.
Examples: Clear browser history, reboot device, reboot router, speedtest, etc.

Please note that has a different login than

If you have not created an account on, you will not be able to login. A new account is required.

Please provide as much information as possible as it will help us help you faster.