Prepare for the Next Online Job Fair

Get to Know the
ABILITY Job Fair Portal

Meet our "job seeker friendly" portal!  One-on-one video meetings with optional ASL interpreters with a click of a button.

African American woman in a video meeting with a recruiter and sign lanugage interpreter

Job Seeker Portal to Employers - Entrance

Each job fair has a Job Seeker Portal that lists companies participating in the event. Each Company has a link to their Employer Portal, which provides more information about the employer, their specific openings, and where they are hiring. Some companies hire locally and some may include remote opportunities.

It's up to you to be aware of what the recruiter is looking for. Check each employer for locations, open positions and more.

Employer Selection Area with multiple employers to select

Employer Portal to Meet Recruiters

From the Job Seeker Portal you are directed to the company's Employer Portal. Here you will learn about the company, its culture, benefits and open positions. Most employers will have a link to view more positions at their company carreer site.

Meet Recruiters

At the bottom of each employer page, there is a meeting portal with important elements.

  • Link to meet recruiters
  • Number of hours recruiters are available
  • Number of recruiters

Follow the instructions below and check out how the job fair portal platform works.

Employer portal page showing circled area indicating where to meet employers
Example Employer Portal

Items needed to connect to the portal

  • Destop/Laptop Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone

    For the best experience, we recommend a device with a larger screen.

  • Chrome Browser

    Other browsers are not supported.

  • Connected camera and microphone

    Chrome will ask permission to use your camera and microphone. Both are required to use the portal.

  • Strong and consistent internet connection

    A good internet signal is needed to maintain the connection with the portal.

Follow these steps for the Demonstration

Read all of the instructions before clicking on the Portal Entrance Demonstration (below)

1. Job Fair Portal Demonstration Entrance

This area can be found below. During the job fair, each employer has their individual portal entrance on their page.

Job Fair Portal Demonstration (Live)

2. Complete the Information Form and click "Join."

You can fill in any information you like. This information will be deleted. Note: All required fields, including resume, are required to connect. The form will let you into the waiting area.

Job Seeker Entrance Form for ABILITY Job Fair

3. Get to know the features in the waiting area.

Many tips and instructions can be found in the waiting area. Please be aware that this appears to be a live queue, but it is not a monitored or staffed area. No one will answer while you are there.

Job Seeker Waiting in the Queue Area

4. Watch the Video of a Recruiter Meeting

To get a feel for the full experience and even more tips on using the job fair portal, watch the full video while in the waiting area.

YouTube Video of Full Poral Demonstration

Job Fair Portal Demonstration


Click the button below to enter the portal demonstration area. (Login is required.) Be advised this is for informational purposes only. This is not a recruitment area.

You will need to enter "test" information in the form to proceed. Any information entered in this area will be deleted.