Award Winning Features



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accessibility built in

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supports Sec. 503 compliance

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up to 10 recruiters per booth

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resume data base

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video messages

Job Fair Features

▲  Employer branded booth
  Accessible video-based platform
  Sign language interpreters

Candidate Information

▲  Searchable attendee database with resumes
▲  Duplicate spread sheet of attendees with resumes
▲  Resume view in job seeker meetings
▲  Exportable summary of job seeker meetings

Custom Branded Employer Web Page

▲  Organization description/details/benefits
▲  Multiple images and hosted video
▲  Open jobs/categories linked to employer career site


  Social media channels (FB, LI, Instagram, Twitter)
  ABILITYMagazine.com and abilityJOBS.com ads
▲  Email blasts and  press releases

Training & Support

Recruiter Training via Zoom and tutorials
Live Event Support

Additional Information

Custom Employer Page

Now available to all levels! Attract the best candidates through a customized web page that consists of branding, organization description/details, open job opportunities linked to employer career site and, in select packages, video.

Custom Employer Page Examples

Candidate Resumes and Meetings Summary

Following the online career fair, ABILITYJobFair.org will provide searchable directory of all registered candidates. Additionally, employers will be able to view/export a summary of all candidates who visited their portal during the job fair. 

Email Blasts

To promote your participation, ABILITYJobFair.org will include your organization in email blast announcements and reminders. Logo branding is now included in all level packages.

PR/Social Media

Promote your organization in Press Release(s) announcing the event & across ABILITY’s social media network of ABILITY Magazine, ABILITY Corps and abilityJOBS.com. Some packages include logo placement.

Training and Support

ABILITY Job Fair provides training via Zoom® meetings and video tutorials to ensure your team is well prepared for the ABILITY Job Fair experience.

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