How do I enter the Online ABILITY Job Fair and is there a cost?

You can only enter the Recruiter Booths the day of the event:

  • The page with all of the companies listed will become active: current URL is
  • Each employer box has a "YOU MUST BE REGISTERED AND LOGGED IN" at the start of the event this will change to "LOG IN HERE"
    This will bring you into the queue to meet recruiters of that company. To reach another employer revisit the Job Fair page and choose another company.
  • please be aware of your time zone
  • ABILITY Job Fair is free to job seekers

Click here to try our step-by-step instructions and a live demonstration.


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What technology do I need to participate in the career fair?

To attend the job fair you will need:

  • Desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Webcam and Microphone
  • Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge browser (iPhone/iPad use Safari.)

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What is a Video Message?

When you click to connect with a recruiter, one of the choices is to “Leave a Video Message”.

A Video Message is a chance for you to record a message using our job fair platform. After the job fair, we send your recorded message to the recruiter you wanted to reach.

You can leave a brief message about yourself and what you’re looking for. Some people call this an “elevator pitch”. What would you say if you met a recruiter in an elevator?

How long is the message? You get a maximum of 3 minutes. Most messages are about a minute.

Does the recording start as soon as I choose “Leave a Video Message”? No, there is a message that lets you choose when to start the recording.

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Can I use ASL when leaving a video message?

Yes! If you choose to leave a video message using ASL, the video will be delivered to the recruiter with "voice over" from an ASL interpreter.

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Who sees my resume and contact information?

Your profile (contact details, resume, photo, etc.) is shared among recruiters who attend career fairs. This happens AFTER the career fair has ended. Recruiters do not see your information before or during the career fair. Your information will not be shared if 1) you do not include it in your profile and 2) you do not register for a specific career fair.

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Will I be asked about my disability?

First, by participating in the ABILITY Job Fair, which is only for job seekers with disabilities, you are self identifying as a person with a disability. Keep in mind that employers are participating because they want to recruit job seekers with disabilities.

To answer the question, employers are not permitted (by law) to ask about your disability, health, etc. It’s your decision what you decide to share.

Employers can ask if you can perform the job with reasonable accommodations. The job fair meetings are not full interviews, so this may not come up until later in the process, if at all.


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Can I attend the Career Fair on behalf of my friend/associate/someone else?

Not recommended. This career fair provides an opportunity for Job Seekers to meet face-to-face with recruiters.


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If I do not have a disability, can I still attend the career fair as a Job Seeker?

Not recommended. This career fair provides an opportunity for Job Seekers to meet face-to-face with recruiters.


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How can I view or edit my job seeker information or upload my resume?

Log in to your account, go to Job Seeker Profile.

If you have not signed up as a job seeker Sign up HERE.


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How do I register for Upcoming Career Fairs?

Login to your job seeker account and click on Registration Information on your dashboard. See "Upcoming Career Fairs".

If you don't have a job seeker account: Sign up here.

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What is "speech-to-text"?

Speech-to-text is a live, real-time captioning application. It helps people who are deaf or have hearing loss see the text of the person speaking.

Job Seekers can click the "Show Dictation" link to be able to see what the recruiter is saying in real time.

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I can't login. What should I do?

If you have signed up, first try a password reset.

If you get a message that states "username does not exist", please try to sign up again. Be sure to check the spelling of your email address.

If you do not get a verification link email in your inbox or spam folder, contact us using the email on the verification page. support (at)

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How do I connect with a Sign Language Interpreter?

When you attend the Online Career Fair, you will have have a choice of how you would like to participate. You can choose the option to talk to a recruiter with an ASL Interpreter.

When you connect with the recruiter, the recruiter is alerted and will make the connection with an interpreter.

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Can I use my mobile phone for the career fair?

Yes. Mobile use is supported. However, we suggest a Tablet, Laptop or Desktop computer — a larger screen is probably a better experience.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, please use Safari. See Trouble shooting for more information.

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I can't open the Job Seeker Demonstration.

If you can't open the job seeker demo, please check these steps.

  • Check your microphone and camera are connected and working.
  • Check that you are using Chrome as your browser. Click here for iPhone and iPad.
  • Chrome will ask permission to use your camera and microphone. Please accept both.
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Be sure you are logged in as a Job Seeker.

See  Trouble shooting for more information.

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Can you help me with my resume?

ABILITY Job Fair is not able to personally assist in resume building, however if you post your resume on, a feature will appear for FREE evaluation. This is a third party application that helps improve your existing resume.

Also, Independent Living Centers in your area, local community centers and public libraries often provide free support.


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I am not a US citizen. Can I register if I am a Job Seeker with a disability?

Yes. Hiring policies vary with each company. We encourage all Job Seekers with disabilities to register and upload resumes.


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What types of jobs are avaiable (local, remote, skills, part-time,...)?

Each career fair builds employer pages that highlight the openings they are looking to fill. To better understand the scope of possibilities ranging from where companies are hiring, skills, work from home options, etc..., visit the current ABILITY Job Fair often to see updated material per employer. Employers continue to update their material as the date of a career fair gets closer. Please keep in mind the recruiters are tasked to find job seekers that match their skill set needs.


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I already have my resume on, do I need to add it here as well?


While both systems work to increase your chances to find employment. They are different platforms, ABILITY Job Fair does not store information, it only holds data for the time period connected to the career fair. keeps (anonymous) resumes on file until job seeker removes it.

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I have a different question.

If your question isn't answered here, please contact us at support (at)


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