Welcome Employment Support Specialists!

General Information

Sponsored in part by abilityJOBS.com, ABILITY Job Fair is a face-to-face, online job fair experience for job seekers with disabilities. Accessibility features are built in to meet various communication accommodations. Job Seekers have one-on-one meetings with recruiters from nationwide companies, NGO's and governments.

Who can attend?

Since recruiters expect to meet job seekers as per their open positions and stated qualifications, we ask that Employment Support Specialists only participates “behind the scenes” in direct assistance with clients, as opposed to attending as a job seeker. Individual job seekers have a limited time frame to speak to a limited number of recruiters.


Please be aware that recruiters expect to meet individually, face-to-face, with job seekers for this event. Sign language interpreters are provided, but job seekers are welcome to attend with their own interpreter.

How to Best Prepare Your Clients

  • Role play a face-to-face video meeting
  • Direct your clients to the Demonstration so they know what to expect.
  • Review your client’s resume and recommend they add it to their profile since recruiters are sent resumes and job seeker information after the job fair.
  • Direct your clients to participating employer pages (links can be found on the actual job fair page) so they know what positions are available.


The terms of this website require all job seekers to register for their own account.

Employment Support Specialists are welcome to register to be alerted to future events and programs.


We hope your clients have a successful experience!