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Build your 2024 Talent Pipeline
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2024 ABILITY Job Fair Schedule*

Start Time: 10am Pacific | 11am Mountain | 12pm Central | 1pm Eastern

Feb 15

First Career Fair of the Year

Job Seeker Registration opens Jan 20

April 18

Spring into a New Job

Job Seeker Registration opens March 19

June 13

Celebrate Summer

Job Seeker Registration opens May 13

Aug 15

Job Fair

Job Seeker Registration opens July 15

Oct 17

Celebrating NDEAM

Job Seeker Registration opens Sept 17

Dec 12

International Day PWDs

Job Seeker Registration opens Nov. 12

*Contact us for additional dates or Single Employer Job Fairs. Employers must register 30 days before the job fair date.

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  • Technology Solution

    First online face-to-face career fair experience for job seekers with disabilities and recruiters

  • human experience

    Removing communication and distance barriers so that you can make real, human connections

  • efficiency and quality

    We attract, seek, and invite specific candidate profiles based on your hiring needs!

Accessibility Features

  • Sign Language

    Sign Language Interpreters on-call to assist with live meetings

  • Talk2Text

    Real time talk to text for people who have difficulty hearing.

  • Screen Reader

    Compatible with JAWS and other screen reader applications.

  • Voice & SMS

    User support for varied communication with both voice and text app capability


Video Platform

Built on a  secure,
accessible video
communications platform

Document Transfer

Upload and download
documents through the
meeting interface


Text based messaging for alternative to voice communication

Sign Language Support

American Sign Language Interpreters available
on stand-by


Filter candidate streams by skill set, department or job descriptions

Untimed Meetings

Recruiters control length
of time speaking with
each candidate


Real-time voice
to text application using
Google technology

Resume Access

Candidate database,
searchable by keyword and location

Video Messaging

Recorded messages from interested candidates

Companies, Government, Non-Profits - CONTACT US

ABILITY Job Fair is a service of ABILITY Corps—helping companies and job seekers with disabilities connect to increase employment outcomes by using the highest level of accessibility in an online career fair.
ABILITY Corps' mission promotes employment, innovative technologies, building universal designed homes, breaking down unconscious bias, expanding opportunities in the entertainment industry, volunteerism, expanding media and the arts for persons with disabilities.
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