Employer Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ's Answers

What technology do I need to participate in the career fair?

To attend the job fair you will need:

  • Desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Webcam and Microphone
  • Chrome browser

How is the ABILITY Job Fair different from other online job fairs?

ABILITY Job Fair is the only accessible online job fair that incorporates video, chat, real time captioning and sign language interpreters.

Is Zoom similar to the ABILITY Job Fair?

Zoom is a single or group video platform. ABILITY Job Fair (AJF) is much different. Replicating the actions of an in-person career fair, AJF is a face to face video experience with an individual recruiter and job seeker. Job seekers wait in a queue for their one-on-one meeting, if a sign language interpreter is needed a third video appears. Also AJF's platform allows candidates to leave a video message for the recruiter. During an AJF, Zoom or any other video program should not be used as it may interfere with the video transmission.

How much does the job fair cost?

While there is a cost to participate, you will have substantial savings of time, travel an other costs associated with a typical job career fair.  Additionally, there is no additional cost for sign language interpreters if the candidate is deaf or has hearing loss. See EEOC Litigation.

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Do Job Seekers indicate what jobs they are looking for?

Yes, Job Seekers complete a full profile with their resume, headline, key words and information relevant to their job search.

How many companies usually participate in a job fair?

Typical participation has ranged between 7 to 11 companies.

I am only hiring locally. How many job seekers are from my area?

ABILITY Job Fair can target specific areas as well as nationwide candidates willing to relocate.

We will not know the full count in your area until we promote the job fair to job seekers. We promote it several times before the day of the job fair. It’s like the movie says, “If you build it, they will come”.

Registering in advance of the job fair gives our team ample time to promote your company’s participation locally and nationwide.

How do you reach Job Seekers?

ABILITY Job Fair promotes through abilityJOBS.comABILITY Magazine, alliance partners and social media.

What other companies are participating in the job fair?

Typically, ABILITY Job Fair has a variety of employers, large and medium size companies, including businesses, government agencies and non-profits. You’ll be in good company.

How many job seekers participate?

Past career fairs ranged from 600 - 1,000 registered job seekers.

How long does a typical job fair last?

Each job fair lasts for 4 hours. Employers may attend fewer than 4 hours, but, to meet the greatest number of job seekers, 4 hours is recommended. Start time for all ABILITY Job Fairs: 10am PT | 11am MT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET

What skills, professions and education levels are job seekers?

Candidates are actively targeted prior to each job fair to correspond with the requirements of employers. We have entry level to seasoned professionals and GED to PhD. Requirements can include region, essential skills and education.

What if there are more job seekers than time permits?

If the job fair ends before a job seeker meets with a recruiter, the job seeker has the ability to leave a 3-minute video message that will be delivered to the recruiter.

How long does an employer have access to video messages?

Videos stay on the server and are accessible to download up to 30 days after the job fair.

What companies/employers have participated in past career fairs?

We work with fortune 500 and small businesses. Some past featured recruiters: Amazon, Meta, CBRE, NSA, FBI, IRS, Warner Bros. Discovery, United Nations, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, more…

Do we have to pay for a sign language interpreter?

No. Sign language interpreters are provided and will be on stand-by to be added to job seeker meetings as needed.

What are the demographics of job seekers?

ABILITY Job Fair taps into the abilityJOBS.com resume bank, the largest resume database of job seekers with disabilities, with the following demographics:


  • Post-Secondary Education 91%
    • Degrees 54%
    • Advanced Degrees 18%


  • Experienced (non-manager) 39%
    • Manager 15%
    • Executive 3%

Additionally, each job fair is marketed more broadly for candidate types as per recruiter requirements such as skill sets, industry, experience, etc.

Do you screen candidates?

In addition to listing job requirements, employers can indicate filter fields that job seekers select before joining a meeting.

Can recruiters view candidates resumes?

Yes. Recruiters get resume access one week before the job fair, however recruiters are encouraged to check the database often since job seekers register right up to the day of the event. Recruiters get all registered job seeker data (profiles with resumes) in two forms, a spreadsheet and a searchable database.
(This is Not the abilityJOBS.com database)

During the job fair, recruiters will have access to records of job seekers who visit their company portal. Resumes are included here as well.