Employer Connection Requirements

Requirements and fixes for common errors while connecting browsers to the ABILITY Job Fair Platform.

Desktop or Laptop (Required)

Connection Requirements

  • Chrome browser (latest version) - Click here to download Chrome.
  • Ensure a different browser is not automatically loading the link ( Ex. Internet Explorer, which will not work)
  • Confirm Webcam & Mic are enabled under Chrome Settings.

Camera settings:       //settings/content/camera?search=camera
Microphone:             //settings/content/microphone?search=microphone

  • Clear browser history/cache. (Click Ctrl+H or Cmd+H) Be sure to have all of the below checked.)

Browsing History
Cookies and other site date
Cached Images Files
Site Settings (important)

Home Wifi/Network Troubleshooting

  • Confirm Chrome is in use (and not a default browser like IE)
  • Clear all cache (see above)
  • Close and restart browser window
  • Reboot computer
  • Reboot router

Work Network Connections Troubleshooting

  • Confirm Chrome is in use (and not a default browser like IE)
  • Clear all cache (see Connections Requirements)
  • Close and restart browser window
  • Switch to “home” or “guest” wifi connection
  • Share this information with your IT team. Network Requirements


Chrome Browser Alternatives

Chrome Incognito Window

    • Open Chrome.
    • At the top right, click More More and then New Incognito Window.
    • A new window appears. In the top corner, check for the Incognito icon Incognito.

Microsoft Edge

If you are unable to use Chrome or Firefox browsers, the latest version of Microsoft Edge has worked for some users. Ensure you are using the latest version. Internet Explorer is not compatible with the features of this job fair platform.

Network Requirements

Please share with your company's Tech Support. They may be able to help you connect on your company computer.

1. Agent Station (Recruiter Device) will need these firewall ports open (to VTCSecure’s IP address

a. 80 / 443 - TCP - external web access - external access

b. 8443 - TCP - WebRTC socket - external access

c. 15060, 15061 - TCP - SIP/TLS internal call socket - external access

d. 15080, 15081 - TCP - SIP/TLS external call socket - external access

e. 16384 - 32768 - UDP - RTP socket - external access

2. Bandwidth Requirements per Agent Station (Recruiter Device)

a. 512K upload & download to ensure clear audio & video at CIF resolution 30 frames per second