Device Requirements and Troubleshooting

Device Requirements

  • Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone

    You can access the job fair portal from most devices, as long as you have access to the internet.

  • Web cam and microphone

    To be sure your web cam and microphone are working, please test in your browser window. The links below are examples of ways to test. (Not affiliated with ABILITY Job Fair)

    Online Web Cam and Mic Test
  • Chrome Browser

    The Chrome browser is highly recommended and the browser supported by our tech team. Firefox and MS Edge may work, but are not supported by our team. Safari will not work. Chrome must be the latest update.

  • Steady Internet Connection

    To stay connected to the job fair portal, a steady (uninterrupted) internet connection is important. Please be as near to a wifi signal as possible. 

Trouble Shooting Connection Issues

Web cam or mic not working

Check "Chrome Settings Permission" for Chrome browser to use your camera. Insert these shortcuts into your browser window:



*Be sure you can see your camera and microphone are present. Sometimes rebooting your computer can help.

Test your mic and webcam here.

Chrome shows my webcam is connected, but I can't connect.

Using a PC

  • Update to the most current version of Chrome.
  • Check for Chrome extensions that could be interfering. (deactivate if needed)
  • Ensure you have no other video meeting program running.
  • Check your anti-virus firewall.

Using a Mac

  • Ensure Chrome browser webcam/mic permissions for are active
  • Check Mac Preferences >> Privacy & Security
    • Check "Privacy"
    • Confirm Google Chrome is selected for Camera and Microphone

Mac Security and Privacy Select Mic and Webcam for Chrome

Job Fair Portal is too big (or small) for my screen

If you're having trouble viewing the full screen on your desktop or laptop computer, you can adjust your browser view. The Chrome browser has at Zoom feature that you can adjust. Instructions:

  • Go to the upper right corner of Chrome.
  • Click three dots More
  • Use the Zoom  [- 100% +]

I can connect, but I am the only one in the meeting.

If your web cam and mic are working and you are able to join the meeting and the recruiter doesn't join, the issue is likely your browser.

  1. Clear ALL browser history
  2. Close and restart your browser
  3. Check that Chrome is the latest version
  4. Try rebooting your device.

I get a black screen when I try to connect with a recruiter.

A Black screen means that something is blocking your video connection to the job fair portal is being blocked.

  1. Check any browser security and allow the job fair platform access.
  2. Clear ALL browser history
  3. Check your microphone and web cam are connected in Chrome settings.
  4. Deactivate Chrome Extensions or Add-ons
  5. Move closer to internet connection.
  6. Try rebooting your device.
  7. Try rebooting router if you are using wifi.

I get cut off when talking to a recruiter.

Cut connections are usually caused by a weak internet connection or another open program interfering with the job fair platform. You can try this things:

  • Move closer to the source of the connection (router)
  • Close any video program or other applications you may have running on your device.
  • If you keep dropping connection on wifi and you're not using any other internet based applications, try to reboot your router.