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About ADP

At ADP, what we do is about people. Although we have a strong history of providing solutions for human resource challenges, we strive to do more than that. We challenge ourselves to anticipate, think forward and take action in a way that empowers us to shape the changing world of work.

We are a comprehensive global provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions that unite HR, payroll, talent, time, tax and benefits administration, and a leader in business outsourcing services, analytics and compliance expertise. Our unmatched experience, deep insights and cutting-edge technology have transformed human resources from a back-office administrative function to a strategic business advantage.

Diversity and inclusion is as much about equity and belonging as it is about innovation and growth.

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First-day benefits with no second thoughts.

  • Medical
  • Life Insurance
  • Career Development
  • Commuter savings
  • Dental
  • Mentoring
  • ADP federal credit union
  • Vision
  • Matched 401k
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Home & auto insurance programs
  • Legal services plan
  • Annual flu immunization program
  • Charitable contribution match
  • Holidays, personal days, vacation
  • PAID volunteer time off

One-of-a-kind culture

The strength of our team comes from what each one of us has to offer. You’ll be welcomed and celebrated for the person you are. Our down-to-earth culture values diverse perspectives, providing a place where careers can flourish in an agile, creative and collaborative workplace. We’re creating a better way to work, so that you can have a better chance of changing the world.

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Now Hiring for:

  • Government Affairs Director - Remote
  • Data Analytics Director – San Dimas, CA
  • Project Manager – Multiple locations
  • Much more...

Locations: Nationwide and Remote

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United Airlines

United Airlines
United Airlines

United is connecting people, uniting the world.

We’re purpose driven and action oriented in building a culture of greater inclusion and belonging to better reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

From ensuring a safe, smooth journey for customers, to being at the forefront of travel innovation, you’ll find United Airlines® is a dynamic and adventurous place to work. Our shared purpose of connecting people and uniting the world goes beyond flying travelers to their destinations. It’s rooted in the belief that inclusivity is good for business, customers and employees.

Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is key to our strong United culture. As an employee, you’ll have access to professional development, volunteer opportunities and business resource groups to help you grow into your role. And because we’re an airline, employees and their families enjoy travel privileges like discounts and unlimited standby travel to anywhere we fly. Either as a customer or potential employee, we hope to see you soon at United.

United staff helping customer at check in
Man working on load calculations with three computer screens
Employee driving a baggage cart on the tarmac

A Career is a Journey – Take Yours Farther

Various employees of united from baggage handler to pilot

Bridge - Business Resource Group

Our employee run Business Resource Groups are strategic vehicles to amplify our employees’ voices, provide inclusive workplace support, increase awareness and understanding, challenge inequities and create platforms for service, learning and leadership development.

Ryan Wilks, founding member of Bridge disability resource group and Communications Specialist, talks about his life and experience at United in this video.

Bridge Connecting people of all abilties

Hiring in Multiple Locations


Airport Operations Supervisor


Customer Service Agent


Ramp Supervisor


Software Developers/Engineers (all levels)


  • Chicago, Illinois
  • All Locations
people working at various computer terminals in the network center
United staff wearing masks in airport

Competitive Benefits Package

  • Vacation Benefits

    Paid time off, unlimited standby travel, and discounted rates on airline tickets to anywhere United flies.

  • Financial Benefits

    401(k) plan with company match, profit sharing and bonuses

  • Health Benefits

    Variety of medical plans and options, including vision, dental, long-term disability, life insurance, wellness program

  • Social and Professional Benefits

    Professional development, volunteer opportunities, business resource groups, social clubs

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Are you ready for a career with PlayStation?

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Three men smiling in Play Station shirts

Why work at PlayStation?

We’re leading the way in developing the games, hardware, digital services and interactive entertainment that are defining the game industry. More importantly, we offer a diverse, inclusive culture where every one of our employees has room to grow.

“Not only does each of us work together to bring incredible PlayStation experiences to life for players across the world, but we have the great fortune of doing this work alongside dedicated, creative, talented people from every walk of life. All of us share the goal of making PlayStation the best place to play.”

Jim Ryan
President and CEO
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Group of PS employees outdoors at a community service project

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Play Station symbols


To help make PlayStation a great place to work, our ABLE@PlayStation employee network group provides an opportunity for employees to come together, share experiences and raise awareness about accessibility.

Accessibility at Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Interactive Entertainment is committed to creating a more inclusive world by advancing accessible tools, products, and services for our PlayStation community as well as fostering an inclusive environment for our employees.

Now hiring in these categories

Information Technology/Security
Product Design
Business Intelligence
Corporate Strategy
Hardware Engineering
Network Engineering
Quality Assurance
Game Development


San Mateo, CA
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Aliso Viejo, CA
Austin, TX
Madison, WI
Seattle, WA
Woman smiling - Stephanie software engineering

Thank you for your interest in Sony Interactive Entertainment

Please fill out the form during the job fair and someone from our Talent Advisory Team will reach out to you post-job fair to better understand your interest.

Tall Glass builings PlayStation Campus

About PlayStation

PlayStation is leading the way in developing the games, hardware, digital services and interactive entertainment that are defining the game industry. More importantly, we offer a diverse, inclusive culture where every one of our employees has room to grow.

National Reconnaissance Office – NRO

National Reconnaissance Office NRO
National Reconnaissance Office NRO

National Reconnaissance Office

Above and Beyond

Develop. Acquire. Launch. Operate.

When the United States needs eyes and ears in critical places where no human can reach – be it over the most rugged terrain or through the most hostile territory – it turns to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). The NRO is the U.S. Government agency in charge of designing, building, launching, and maintaining America’s intelligence satellites. Whether creating the latest innovations in satellite technology, contracting with the most cost-efficient industrial supplier, conducting rigorous launch schedules, or providing the highest-quality products to our customers, we never lose focus on who we are working to protect: our Nation and its citizens

Women and men of the NRO team goup picture
Men and women in being recorded by a microphone in discussiondiscussion

Fostering a working environment of equality and inclusion where:

Everyone gets treated with respect, dignity, and fairness

Everyone is valued for his/her strengths

Leaders support and live equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resources Groups at NRO enable a work environment where there is equality of opportunity and an understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion in accomplishing the NRO mission. More about Diversity & Inclusion at NRO

NRO team at a conference Kiosk

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Rocket preparing for launch

Critical to National Security

The National Reconnaissance Office's (NRO) systems are critical to National Security, U.S. policy makers, and war fighters. These systems provide the foundation for global situational awareness, and address the nation's toughest intelligence challenges. Frequently, NRO systems are the only collectors able to access critical areas of interest, and data from overhead sensors provides unique information and perspectives not available from other sources.


NRO's Service

The NRO's key customers and mission partners include: policy makers, the Armed Services, the Intelligence Community, Departments of State, Justice and Treasury, and civil agencies. All of them depend on the unique capabilities NRO systems provide:

  • Monitoring the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
  • Tracking international terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminal organizations
  • Developing highly accurate military targeting data and bomb damage assessments
  • Supporting international peacekeeping and humanitarian relief operations
  • Assessing the impact of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and fires.

NRO Offers a Host of Benefits

  • Medical Insurance

    Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. Many plans available.

  • Dental and Vision Insurance

    Eligible for Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP). See

  • Flexible Spending Accounts

    May participate in program after one year of service. 

  • Federal Retirement Programs

    The Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) is a three-tiered retirement plan for federal employees

  • Work Life Balance

    Personal Leave, Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Family Medical Leave

  • Much More

    Paid federal holidays, flexible work schedules, wellness programs, employee assistance program. Complete list of benefits.

Hiring for the following in Chantilly, VA

  • Acquisition Program Manager - Mid Level
  • Contracts Specialist - Mid Level
  • Budget Analyst - Mid Level
  • IT Specialist - Mid Level
  • Systems Engineer - Mid Level
  • General Engineer/Technical Analyst - Mid Level
  • Mission Support - Mid Level

U.S. Citizenship Required


*U.S. Citizenship Required for All Applicants


illustration of woman walking with service dog using a mobile phone and headphones

Digital accessibility, powered by
people with disabilities.

At Fable, we believe that to make truly accessible digital experiences, people with disabilities need to be included in the process from the start. For this reason, we have created a community of accessibility testers who use assistive technology in their daily lives who are paid to test digital products (websites and apps). Work is flexible and testers can commit more or less time depending on their preferences and schedules.

illustration of man in a power wheelchair looking at a tablet
man using power wheelchair speaking to a woman on a stage
Man holding cane and speaking with man and woman in foreground

Are you passionate about accessibility?

Do you believe that people with disabilities should be at the forefront of helping businesses achieve accessibility compliance and beyond? Do you believe that all people should be able to use technology? We are looking for people who can help us achieve our mission.

Fable's accessibility testers work 100% remotely throughout North America.

Four Panelists with different disabilities listening to panelist standing at podium speaking

About Fable

Fable is an accessibility platform powered by people with disabilities. Fable moves organizations from worrying about compliance to building incredible and accessible user experiences.

Fable enables accessibility managers, user researchers, designers, and developers to connect to people with disabilities remotely and on-demand. Fable also provides full-service accessibility audits, training, and expert-led workshops that help companies operationalize accessibility.

The best digital teams work with Fable to make products more accessible for over 1 billion people who live with disabilities.

Head shot of Lynette Fable's community manager

"I want to set testers up for success not only at Fable, but in the accessibility field and tech industry more as well."

Head shot of Sam Fable's accessibility evangelist

“…when you embrace accessibility and inclusion, the way Fable always has, you end up with amazing people who can do amazing things.”

illustration of a man sitting at a computer smiling and using a joystick

Fable is for people who use the following assistive technologies in the USA and Canada.

Screen Magnification

OS Magnification

Zoom Text

Screen Readers





Alternative Navigation

Switch System (including Eye Gaze and Sip and Puff)

On-screen Keyboard

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Voice Control

Voice Access


Flexible scheduling, remote work, opportunities for advancement, opportunities to learn new skills.

Video: Fable - Digital Product Testing by People witih Disabilities

United States Postal Service – USPS

United State Postal Service eagle logo
United States Postal Service

We Connect the Nation

Diverse professionals meeting around a table
African American mail carrier in truck handing package to customer
USPS Window clerk smiling with boxes in background

About the United States Postal Service

A self-supporting, independent federal agency, the U.S. Postal Service is the only delivery service that reaches every address in the nation: 160 million residences, businesses and Post Office Boxes. We are the second largest company in America. The U.S. Postal Service provides accelerated career paths through our entry level developmental programs, such as the Professional Development Program and the Seasonal Internship Program.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is key to our corporate success because it affects every aspect of the organization—employees, customers, and the business. Our investment in a strong diversity program creates a positive work environment that recognizes the contributions of all our employees, and it provides us with a strategic advantage.


Video: USPS Carriers

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Diversity Policy

It is the policy of the Postal Service that all employees and applicants for employment be afforded equal opportunities in employment without regard to race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity, including transgender status), national origin, religion, age (40 or over), genetic information, disability, or retaliation for engaging in an EEO-protected activity. As part of its program of equal employment opportunity, the Postal Service prohibits discrimination or harassment based on any of these categories. In addition, it is also the policy of the Postal Service to prohibit discrimination or harassment based on marital status; status as a parent; and past, present, or future military service. All employees must refrain from practicing or tolerating discrimination or harassment.

United States Postal Service Benefits

Industrial Vehicle operater driving a cart of sorted mail bins
  • Compensation

    Competitive pay, overtime, nightshift differential, Sunday premium pay

  • Health Insurance

    Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. Many plans available.

  • Dental and Vision Insurance

    Eligible for Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP). See USPS Benefits.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts

    May participate in program after one year of service. 

  • Career Development & Training

    The Postal Service offers a learning environment that reinforces success through training initiatives that allow employees to improve basic operational knowledge and gain leadership skills.

  • Leave, Holidays, Commuter Program and More

    For complete information on  benefits and compensation visit: About USPS Benefits

Hiring People with Disabilities for

  • Delivery, Mail Processing
  • Retail Operations / Customer Service
  • Recent Graduate Program
  • Seasonal Internship Program
  • View more positions at USPS Careers


  • Washington, DC
  • Nationwide
Mail Handler working on a sorting machine

United Nations (UN)

United Nations
United Nations

United Nations

Building a Better Future for All

The work of the United Nations touches every corner of the globe and focuses on a broad range of fundamental issues, like sustainable development, protection of the environment and refugees, disaster relief and mitigation, counter terrorism, as well as disarmament and non-proliferation.

Young man typing on a desktop keyboard
Diverse international women sitting at front leading a panel discussion

Diversity of Our People

The diversity of our people, some 36,000 from our 193 Member States, means that you will find yourself working in multi-cultural teams with people from all backgrounds and cultures who have wide perspectives, experiences, expectations as well as approaches.

Diverse women and youth - some in wheel chairs
Daryl Mitchell in wheelchair speaking- a special event and sign language interpreter signing

Serious About Career Support

From the moment you join the United Nations’ dynamic team of staff members, you can be certain of one thing - our support system will ensure that you are not left alone to figure out your career. The development of every staff member is very important to us – helping you to grow helps us to become better at what we do. We are therefore committed to providing all the available tools to respond to your needs.

We are serious about career support at the United Nations and our approach is firmly rooted in a solid and interactive partnership between the staff member, the manager and the Organization. Although you are primarily responsible for your professional and personal development, and are the key driver in your career planning process, managers are always there to provide you with the necessary direction, information as well as a work environment to positively and qualitatively support your career development

Female UN Peacekeepers standing in formation wearing blue berets and military gear

United Nations Values

United Nations


Take action to create an environment of dignity and respect for all.

United Nations


Act ethically, demonstrating the standards of conduct of the United Nations.

United Nations


Demonstrate self-awareness and willingness to learn from others.

United Nations


Act according to the purposes of the United Nations: peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet.

United Nations Hiring People with Disabilities in the Following Areas:

  • Economic Affairs
  • Statistics
  • Public Information
  • Human Rights
  • Social Affairs
  • Administration
  • Information Management and Technology
  • Political Affairs
  • Many more opportunities


Worldwide Opportunities

photo through a window of two women in wheelchairs talking in hallway
Secretary General Guterres and Jillian Mercado Model and Disability advocate holding sign Reduce inequalities

About United Nations

The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 and committed to maintaining international peace and security; developing friendly relations among nations; promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.



Build for everyone

People working Google-cafe
Woman working with AI device and laptop

A problem isn't truly solved until it's solved for all.

Googlers build products that help create opportunities for everyone, whether down the street or across the globe. Bring your insight, imagination and a healthy disregard for the impossible. Bring everything that makes you unique. Together, we can build for everyone.

Working in google padded workspaces
man in audience talking to group

The Disability Alliance is a group for Google employees who care about disability, learning differences, special needs, or neurodiversity, whether for themselves or a child, relative, or friend. The group shares advice, advocates, and builds awareness, and is passionate about creating innovative and inclusive teams, products, education, and workplaces. To learn more about our commitment to hiring people with disabilities click

Celebrating Difference

At Google, we don’t just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community. Google is an equal opportunity employer. Employment at Google is based solely on a person's merit and qualifications directly related to professional competence. Google does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy or related condition (including breastfeeding), or any other basis protected by law.

It is Google's policy to comply with all applicable national, state and local laws pertaining to nondiscrimination and equal opportunity. The Company's EEO policy, as well as its affirmative action obligations, includes the full & complete support of the Company, including its Chief Executive Officer. Because it's just the right thing to do. We hope you think so, too.

Doing electrical maintenance in Google environment

What's it like to work at Google?

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Wide view of Google Campus

About Google

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in September 1998 with a mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since then, the company has grown to more than 80,000 employees worldwide, with a wide range of popular products and platforms like Search, Maps, Cloud, Ads, Gmail, Android, the Assistant, Made by Google devices and YouTube.

Scholarships @ Google

At Google, we believe information should be universally accessible. Our education and scholarship programs aim to support students in computer science, gaming, supply chain management, operations research, mechanical, electrical, or industrial engineering degrees and closely related fields. If selected, scholarship recipients will each receive a $10,000 USD scholarship for the 2022-2023 school year. Please see below for a list of open scholarships:

Connect with us on your preferred social media platform

FBI — Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation


Federal Bureau
of Investigation

Our Vision: Ahead of the threat

Man with prosthetic arm working on case files

Protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States

To effectively accomplish our mission, the FBI needs people from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. The FBI values and leverages human differences, opinions and perspectives to empower our FBI community to achieve its greatest potential. The FBI’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion is integrated into every facet of employment, including leadership and career development, recruitment, staffing, workforce planning and sustainability. At every level and in every position, the FBI embraces unique perspectives to accomplish its mission.


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Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

The FBI employs more than 35,000 people, including special agents and support professionals such as intelligence analysts, language specialists, scientists, and information technology specialists.

Female FBI tech looking through scope for latent fingerprintsprint
Female FBI Biologist in DNA lab


The FBI’s diversity initiatives also extend to persons with disabilities. The FBI has established a non-competitive appointing authority similar to the directive used in the competitive service under Schedule A (5 CFR 213.3102(u)) for persons with developmental disabilities, severe physical disabilities and/or psychiatric disabilities.

Supporting documentation for consideration under this authority may include a certification of job readiness (for consideration for permanent appointment) and proof of a qualifying disability issued from a licensed medical professional, a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist or any federal or state agency.

An agency of the District of Columbia or a U.S. territory that issues or provides disability benefits may also certify the applicant as a person with a disability, describing the ability of the applicant to perform the essential duties of the position for which he or she is applying.

Professional Women working on a laptop


  • Honors Internship Program
  • STEM
  • Information Technology
  • Contract Linguists
  • Legal
  • Administrative

Our Locations

Along with our Headquarters in Washington, D.C., we have 56 field offices located in major cities throughout the U.S., and about 350 satellite offices called resident agencies in cities and towns across the nation.

Women chatting in hallway

“Diversity is at the core of the FBI. When people look at us, they need to see themselves.”

- Jeffrey Sallet, Associate Deputy Director, FBI

Employment Benefits

In addition to federal employee benefits, administrative, professional and technical position benefits also include:

  • Competitive starting salary
  • Low-cost life insurance
  • Individual or family membership in low-cost federal health benefit plans
  • Annual leave earned at the rate of 13 to 26 days per year, based on length of employment (prior federal civilian or military service is credited, as authorized)
  • Sick leave accumulated at the rate of 13 days per year without limit
  • Paid holidays
  • Comprehensive retirement benefits (retirement credit is granted for prior federal military or government service, as authorized)
  • Eligibility for participation in Flexible Spending Account Program (a tax-favored program offered to employees to pay for eligible out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars)
FBI DC lobby


The FBI helps protect you and your children, communities, businesses and institutions from the most dangerous threats domestically and internationally. We help defend and uphold our national security, physical and electronic infrastructures, and American democracy.

A career at the FBI provides the opportunity to work among the best. We seek those who will contribute to the operations of a global organization that aligns people, policies, processes, and systems to ensure the highest quality investigations.

Cox Enterprises

Cox Enterprises
Cox Enterprises
African American Cox employees with masks


Asian-American woman speaking with a recruiter
African American Cox employees with masks


Asian-American woman speaking with a recruiter

We are the Cox family of businesses.

We’ve been making our mark since 1898 by building and evolving world-class businesses, staying true to our values, and encouraging top talent to always look for growth and impact while building a career with us. 

COX Family of Companies

Talent today - Leaders Tomorrow

We’re looking for the talent today who will be our leaders tomorrow. Sound intriguing? Learn more about where we are today, where we hope you’ll be going with us, and the common purpose that unites us at

Cox diverse volunteers at a farm
Team members laughing in a meeting

Cox Communications and Cox Automotive

Our primary divisions – Cox Communications and Cox Automotive – are driving a new wave of innovation, powering smart cities with powerhouse broadband communications and pioneering greener, more progressive transportation alternatives for individuals and fleet operators. We’re also expanding into new spaces like cleantech and healthcare to rev up our momentum toward building a better future for the next generation. 

cox employee talking on a mobile phone
African American woman field technician
Cox employee meeting with a customer


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NoW Hiring People with Disabilities for

  • Sales
  • Technology

Disability and Accommodations

Cox is committed to being an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and offers opportunities to all job seekers including any job seeker with a disability. If you need a reasonable accommodation to assist with your job search or application for employment, please contact us. In your message, please include a description of the specific accommodation you are requesting and the requisition number of the position for which you are applying. 

Large group Cox volunteers at Jacksonville_River_CleanUp_081