Raising the Floor - because technology should work for all
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We create tools and infrastructures to enable others.

We work on creating a framework and the necessary tools to make it easier to build inclusion into all digital interfaces. We aim to ensure that everyone who has trouble using the current digital interfaces they encounter on any information and communication technologies (ICT)  is able to have that interface change into one they can understand and use — so they can use the same ICT as everyone else, alongside everyone else.

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Our Mission

Raising the Floor seeks to ensure:

  • that there is a solution for anyone facing barriers to accessing digital technologies due to disability, literacy level, or effects of aging,
  • that these solutions are effective enough to provide access to the ever evolving digital technologies that are entering every aspect of modern life so that these technologies lead to inclusion rather than exclusion
  • that these solutions are simple enough to understand, setup, and use that everyone can use them and
  • that these access technologies are affordable for those of all socio-economic levels and all communities.

We seek to ensure that existing and future technologies are accessible to everyone with disability, literacy, and aging-related barriers, regardless of their economic status.

Now Hiring For

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Are you looking for a challenge and something that will make a difference in the world? Currently, a large portion of the population both here and abroad is unable to use computers effectively. Yet use of computers is a requirement today for education, communication, employment (even if the job is not ‘on a computer’) and increasingly, independent living. Elders are becoming disconnected. People laid off can’t find re-employment, and many youth who came up on mobile technologies, and are not technically oriented, cannot use the desktop computers needed for both education and employment.

We are seeking a start-up capable CEO to lead a new SaaS division within a non-profit organization. The software is an extension to the operating system of Windows, MacOS and potentially other platforms. The software and cloud support system is foundational with international impact. This is an unusual position in that it will operate as a startup but operate as an independent division under a non-profit. There is no VC and the non-profit has a 3 person board so it is agile with lean management oversight. The board members also have a long record of successfully developing and transferring technology into mainstream. Their work can be found in every operating system, both desktop and mobile, and in clinical practice as well. An additional benefit is the impact it will have - and the fact that both the team and the world this will operate in is made up of people who are in it to help other people.

Experience in startups, SaaS Operations, leading and growing teams, building foundational teams to ensure the business will scale, planning, and management. We are offering a competitive compensation package, and you will have the opportunity to really make a difference in the world.

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About Raising the Floor

Raising the Floor is an organization of diverse people from industry, academia, NGOs and other sectors who have come together to ensure that people who face barriers due to disability, literacy, digital-literacy, and aging are able to fully understand, access, and use the digital world we are creating (the web, computers, tablets, phones, educational materials, ticket machines, thermostats, and even home appliances).   Our central focus is the development of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII).

Raising the Floor - because technology should work for all