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With the support of abilityJOBS and ABILITY Magazine, ABILITY Job Fair presents an accessible face to face video career fair technology to corporations, governments and non-profits so that they may actively recruit candidates in the most human and efficient way available. This is the first platform to emulate the live career fair experience accessible for job seekers with or without disabilities.

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For many people that are deaf, English is their second language. Sign language is their first. Reading is sometimes not fully comprehended and is much, much slower than using full sign language to actively engage in a conversation. Text messages, writing notes back and forth or projected captioning are done in a second language, which a person may need more time to fully comprehend. Therefore, using sign language during a job review is critical. View EEOC lawsuits against businesses not providing interpreters during interviews. Note: Think if you learned a second language in school, and then on a job interview you're told "today we'll only speak in that second language."

Our response?

Provide a better way for job seekers to engage in online career fairs.

  • Remove communication barriers
  • Increase efficiency and quality of connections
  • Create a more human experience
  • Eliminate travel and distance barriers

Accessibility Features:

  • Live Video/Audio
  • Screen reader compatibility
  • Speech to text in real time
  • Sign language interpreters on stand-by
  • Text based messaging available

Job Seekers can attend from anywhere there is a browser with internet connection. The platform is a user friendly, browser based experience with no need for downloading special software.

*Requirements to attend:

  • Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • webcam and microphone
  • Chrome or Firefox browser

Organizations now have another resource to make meaningful recruitment connections to persons with disabilities. This user friendly and browser based application requires no unnecessary downloads. The only requirements are an internet connected device with webcam and microphone and a Chrome or Firefox browser.

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ABILITY Job Fair is a service of ABILITY Corps—helping companies and job seekers with disabilities connect to increase employment outcomes by using the highest level of accessibility in an online career fair.
ABILITY Corps' mission promotes employment, innovative technologies, building universal designed homes, breaking down unconscious bias, expanding opportunities in the entertainment industry, volunteerism, expanding media and the arts for persons with disabilities.
Founding sponsors are abilityJOBS.com and ABILITYMagazine.com

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